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Our team of experienced, patient instructors is the best in Colorado. We offer private tutoring, group classes, office hours for currently enrolled students, summer school programs for kids, custom homeschool programs, and group classes that cater to learning language specific to use in your profession.   In addition to our scheduled programs, we curate a calendar of 20+ hours each week of opportunities to practice your Spanish around Denver. 

Language is a social practice that is best learned with people, not online. Our students find new friends in addition to language skills. Try one of our "happy hour" style classes this week and ENJOY the process of learning a new language! 

Bex Paz
Bex is the founder and director of Denver Spanish Network. She has degrees in Spanish and Education and has taught in preschools, elementary schools, middle schools and high schools as well as private adult classes she began in 2004. She lived and taught in Ohio, California, Chile, and Honduras before moving to Colorado.
Experience: 16 years


Emily Dooling
Emily has her B.A. in Spanish literature and language and a secondary teaching certification from CU Boulder. She has been teaching at some capacity since 2012, either teaching Spanish here in beautiful Colorado or teaching English in Madrid, Spain. 
Experience: 8 years


Javier Acevedo
Javier has experience teaching Spanish in the U.S since he first arrived to California in 2008. He moved to Colorado in 2013 where he is currently studying philosophy and pursuing his Phd at CU Boulder. He has vast experience teaching Spanish and Philosophy at the University level.
Experience: 8 years
Keigh Crespo
Keigh is a chef and owner of Dos Abuelas Puerto Rican restaurant in Denver. She was born in New York to a Puerto Rican family. In addition to providing cooking classes for Denver Spanish Network students, she also helps to lead our international immersion trips. 


Austin Alexander
Austin is a language fanatic who is as passionate about learning languages as he is about teaching them. He holds a B.A. in Modern Languages from Metropolitan State University of Denver and has spent time in Costa Rica, Colombia, Spain, and France. Austin has done language instruction both online and around Denver and has a goal of starting a podcast on language learning this year.
Experience: 5 years