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Our complete Spanish textbook was designed and written by experienced Spanish teacher Bex Paz when she could not find a suitable textbook for her adult students. The pace is slow, and includes both written practice as well as links to the best online videos, games, and practice modules for each topic. If you choose to purchase the physcial book rather than the digital download, it will arrive in a 1.5" binder. 


Ask one of our experienced instructors to grade the included end-of-unit exams at no cost! 


For those interested in taking an in-person or online class with Denver Spanish Network, please note that each unit corresponds to the level of the same name. For example, Unit 1 is covered in Level 1, Unit 2 is covered in Lesson 2, etc. 


Pair your studies with in-person or Skype tutoring classes to add oral and listening practice. We offer a BOGO tutoring package here so you can try it at 50% off:

Español Conversacional - Denver Spanish Network

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